Regular classes at The Barbour Institute, January 2020.

For more information contact the office at



14.00-16.00                 U3A Drawing (every other week) from 20th January

19.30-21.00                 Yoga – Iyengar from 6th January.



10.00-12.00                 Coffee Morning from 7th January.

20.00-21.30                 Tattenhall Singers from 7 Jan



10.00-12.00                 Tattenhall Pain Support Group (3rd Weds) from 15th January.

16.00-16.45                 Tots Hip Hop Street Dance from 8th January.

16.45-17.45                 Mini Hip Hop from 8th January.

17.45-18.45                 Junior Hip Hop from 8th January.

19.00- 22.00                W.I. (3rd Weds) from 15th January.

19.30                           Tattenhall Gardening Society (1st Weds) from 12th February.



14.00-16.00                 TOFs – Tattenhall Over Fifties (1st Thurs) from 2nd January.

14.00-16.00                 U3A Main monthly meeting (3rd Thurs) from 16th January.

17.30-18.30                 Rainbows from 9th January.

18.30-20.30                 1st Tattenhall Guides from 9th January.

09.30-11.00                 Tattenhall Village Market from 17th January.

09.30-10.30                 Weightwatchers from 3rd January.

10.30-14.30                 Italian Beginners and Intermediate

14.00-15.00                 Toddler Ballet from 10th January.

15.30-18.45                 Children’s Ballet from 10th January.

19.00-22.00                 Bridge from 3rd January.



10.00-12.00                 GCSE Science Revision – contact office for dates/ details