Tattenhall Community Association (TCA) is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for anyone who has reason to come into the Barbour Institute or its environs. This includes the general public, users, employees, contractors and trustees.


a.      Fire Prevention & Evacuation

  • All people using the facilities must ensure that any materials or equipment brought into the building do not increase risk of fire occurring or spreading.
  • Appropriate risk assessments will be carried out and followed for any potentially hazardous materials.
  • All Nominated Responsible Persons (NRP) must not obscure any fire exits and ensure they are kept free
  • TCA will ensure that the Fire Evacuation procedure is displayed in all rooms.
  • All NRP must be familiar with the Fire Evacuation Procedure and ensure that it is followed.
  • All NRP must consider needs of less able visitors.
  • The Fire Risk Assessment will be renewed annually.

b       Accident & Injury

  • TCA do not have First Aiders on site.
  • In the event of an accident or injury, the NRP should decide whether to call for the emergency services.
  • If the person has any head injury or any loss of consciousness or any chest pain, or a serious injury, or if you are in any doubt, we advise you to call an ambulance.
  • Make the person warm and comfortable and safe from further injury, but do not try to move them.
  • The NRP is advised to carry a mobile phone.
  • There is a First Aid kit (green box) in the downstairs kitchen, near the hand basin.
  • There is also a Defibrillator which, when opened, has audible instructions for use.
  • Any accident, incident, injury or ‘near miss’ must be recorded on an Incident Form which are kept inside the green First Aid kit in the kitchen.
  • Please notify the Caretaker, Administrator or a Trustee as soon as possible.

c        Working Practice

  •  Computer screens:  anyone using a computer is encouraged to take regular breaks – at least every hour, and should ensure they have regular eye tests and use any prescribed glasses. Extensive regular users of computer screens for TCA should seek advice from H&S Group on their work station conditions.
  • Hazardous Substances: TCA will monitor the use and storage of any hazardous substances through the risk assessment. Contractors must carry out their own risk assessments. Other users of the facilities must not bring any flammable or noxious substances onto the premises.
  • Manual Handling and Working at Height: TCA will provide means to reduce the need for lifting or working at height, and will include this in risk assessments for our employees and trustees. Contractors and any users must do their own risk assessments and try to limit the need for any hazardous activities.
  • Electrical equipment : TCA will carry out regular testing of all electrical equipment. Users and contractors are requested not to bring onto the premises any electrical equipment which does not carry current PAT certificate. Any equipment brought in must be used according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Personal safety & welfare (lone working, belongings): TCA cannot regulate all of the people using this building. Anyone using the facilities is expected to take reasonable care of their personal safety and possessions. You are advised not to use the lift if you are alone in the building.
  • Food handling & hygiene: The sale or supply of prepared food must comply with current food hygiene regulations. It is the responsibility of the NRP to ensure that all food preparation is supervised by a person with an appropriate qualification and to current guidelines.
  • Licensed premises: Graham Spencer is the Trustee responsible for the licence. Through booking conditions, we aim to ensure that all environmental considerations are met.

d.     Contractors

  • Contractors must carry out their own risk assessments for any activities they carry out.
  • They must work closely with TCA H&S Group, Caretaker and Bookings Administrator to ensure that the public and users are protected from any hazards caused by the contractors.
  • They must not create or increase risks to the safety of themselves or the other users of the facilities.


The ultimate responsibility for this policy lies with the Trustees.

  • An H&S group will monitor & review the policies and carry out risk assessments on an annual basis. Regular checks and tests will be carried out as part of this process
  • Nominated Responsible Persons have responsibility to ensure that events are run in a safe manner and that their activities do not create risks for others or themselves. In particular, they must ensure that the emergency evacuation procedures are followed. NRPs are recommended to carry a mobile phone with them.
  • All people who use our facilities have a duty to take reasonable care of the safety of themselves and others. They should not cause hazards and should comply with procedures when requested.

Who to tell

  • Any incidents should be recorded in the incident book as soon as possible
  • Any incidents or near misses should be reported to an employee and/or trustee as soon as possible, and forwarded to H&S group, for recording
  • Incidents to be reviewed regularly.


Health & Safety policy and procedures and records will be monitored and reviewed annually by the H&S Group. Risk assessments will be carried out at the same time